Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guidelines for Guest Posters

1.  Before you start writing, please run a topic by me.  You can contact me by email.  To find my email just scroll down to the bottom left of the page and click on "view my complete profile" and then "email."  

2.  Please try to keep your post focused on one topic and use specifics.  Posts under 800 words are preferred.  

3.  Try to keep in mind that everything you post is associated with me, as I will be the one submitting the post in your name.  Because of this, I retain the right to make any changes I deem necessary to your post.

4.  If people comment on your post, please respond to the comments.

5.  If you would be willing, I'd really appreciate it if you would send out an email to as many people as you can, telling them your post has been published on Politicslam with a link to the site (  and invite them to comment under a pseudonym.

Thanks in advance for your guest post.  I really appreciate your support on the blog!

About Me

Welcome, I'm Tom Long.

I've loved politics ever since I was a kid. Mom and Dad always talked politics at the dinner table (and at breakfast and lunch too). Growing up, I was able to get a strong sense of both sides of our democracy, having both a liberal and conservative parent each.

They may not have been Carville and Matlin, but they knew their stuff and they both certainly always made themselves heard. From them I not only learned what it was to be a conservative or a liberal, but also that in order to get anything accomplished conservatives and liberals had to work together.

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