Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Reading: A Real Page Turner

Young couple reading in cabin
I've been reading a lot of history and politics this summer.  I want to change it up, but can't decide what direction to go. Anyone have a suggestion? What's your favorite book and do you think I should read it?

Recommendations from King Lear's Kent, Clark Walden, Robin Snow, Ethan Richards, and Zandra!

Has anyone read anything that has impacted the way they think?  I just read Atlas Shrugged and it has certainly done that.

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Welcome, I'm Tom Long.

I've loved politics ever since I was a kid. Mom and Dad always talked politics at the dinner table (and at breakfast and lunch too). Growing up, I was able to get a strong sense of both sides of our democracy, having both a liberal and conservative parent each.

They may not have been Carville and Matlin, but they knew their stuff and they both certainly always made themselves heard. From them I not only learned what it was to be a conservative or a liberal, but also that in order to get anything accomplished conservatives and liberals had to work together.

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