Sunday, August 9, 2009

The American Nutcase

Man in straightjacketWe have a problem in America today and it is not a crisis of confidence, but a calamity of insanity.  We are letting people spout groundless garbage, without challenging them on the substance of their claims and worse yet, we're letting the crazies convince reasonable people that what they scream about is legitimate.  Some Americans are starting to believe the snake oil salesmen, peddling racism in the form of a question of citizenship, spooning out gross moral generalizations with no thought or substance behind it.  Now is the time to combat the American nutcase, the charlatan and indignant screamer who contributes nothing, but tears our country apart when we can least afford it.  Don't let them degrade the debate.

Glenn Beck says our President has a "deep-seated hatred for white people," and "this guy is, I believe, a racist."  Sarah Palin comes out and says that Obama's healthcare plan is "downright evil" and also that President Obama has a "death panel."  People go to town hall meetings to scream about the President's citizenship and then make the entire room do a forced, creepy pledge of allegiance.  Liberals are upset about this, but what about moderates and conservatives?  True moderates and conservatives should not tolerate this type of bastardization of the debate.  How can we accomplish anything in such an atmosphere?  Not only is it a distraction, but it is an appeal to the worst part of our nature.

There are two sides (or more) to every issue, but that doesn't mean both sides are equally legitimate.  For example in some countries, there is a belief that it is okay to stone a woman to death for infidelity.  There are two sides to this issue, and one is clearly right; the side that says the behavior is acceptable because it is part of their culture is wrong and should not be taken seriously.  A culture of violence and repression is not equal to one of peace and liberty.

What I'm calling for is more than just outrage; I want a serious smack down on the American nutcase.  When someone is clearly lying, or saying things for shock value, I want people to call him or her on it.  I want people to call a lie a lie.  We have a fresh start here, a real chance to accomplish some good and start working toward a better future and we can't let the American nutcase divide actual Americans who care about their country.

I've heard and seen enough from the American nutcase to recognize them and you have too.  Don't let these people get away with what they are doing.  They are not fighting for our country.  They don't try to have any type of meaningful discussion about the problems that we face, and while we try to treat them like legitimate members of the debate they continue to undermine it.  In my country you say the pledge of allegiance because you mean it, not because some nut gets everyone whipped into a frenzy and people feel forced to prove their patriotism.
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